When I first met Heini of Swanbourne Dairy she had a vision for her future.

Increasingly, many independent dairy’s in the UK are finding life tough as bigger multi national companies squeeze them from all sides. The major supermarkets control the price that dairys are able to sell for, while the production efficiency of large often corporate own farms, are difficult to match for a small organic farm, family owned by warm heart people who genuinely care about the welfare of their heard.

The answer she reveal was to “diversify”.

Heini originally hails from Finland and explained the Finland is the ice cream capital of Europe (I must confess, I didn’t know this fact) and she had her fabulous family recipes. More than that she already had her branding worked out and knew what flavours she wanted to offer at which price point… all she needed was a website.

I created a WordPress site running WooCommerce to provide the eCommerce functions. Of course it Amongst other


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