If you’re in the market for cheap back-links or have just searched for “low cost SEO“, then you’re probably not in the right place because we employ a different approach to website optimisation, but before you go, why not take a moment to discover why you shouldn’t be paying for low quality back linking.

SEO Services in Milton Keynes

QUESTION: Do you want a first page rank on Google, or do you really just want more customers?

Whenever a customer tells me that they want SEO on their website, what they’re really saying is “I want to attract more customers”.  It’s a commonly perceived logic – the more people who view my website, the more chances I have to convert browsers into customers. Unfortunately, in reality it’s rarely that simple.

Every business would like more customers and it’s true that SEO can play a part in realising this goal, but there are other factors that also come into play, some of which can be cheaper, more effective and easier to manage than a full on program of SEO so it makes no sense to focus solely on backlinks & search position.

What We Do Is Different

We offer full strategic analysis of your current web traffic, visitor flow, keyword strategy, and then propose a well thought out plan through improvements to these key areas. In many respects our service goes beyond mere search optimisation because what we do is Total Website Optimisation.

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Our 4 step approach to high performance search engine optimisation

Keyword Research | Website optimisation is not guesswork

SEO should begin with keyword research. This is very important because only by targeting the correct type traffic can we expect to add value to your business. Our thorough research will help us to identify the best yielding keywords for your market sector, then we can make decisions about which to target.

Surprisingly, competition for different keywords can vary wildly occasionally we are able to identify high yielding keywords which are not being targeted properly by your local competitors.

On Site Optimisation | Put your own house in order first

Onsite optimisation diverges into two distinct areas, Content & Technical optimisation. Content based tasks like ensuring that our keywords features in titles and page descriptions are fairly straight forward and easy to implement, but the success of your optimisation will also depend greatly on technical issues such as your site’s page load speed and whether it offers dedicated content for mobile browsers.

This is particularly important if your site is powered by a dynamic CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or a shopping cart such as Opencart or Magneto. Ignoring issues like these can make the different between success and failure and ultimately whether you recive the full ROI from your optimisation expenditure.

Social Media | A healthy website, is a connected website

We can not overstate the importance of a properly configured social media presence when considering website SEO.

Your social media is an essential part of this process and is far too often overlooked by companies only interested in offering you cheap back links.

We undertake a thorough sweep of your business’s social media and can offer practical help and ongoing advice in managing these accounts in a search engine friendly way.

Backlinks | Enhancing natural off-site linking patterns

And so finally only now do we reach off site SEO and back linking, you knew we’d get there in the end.

It’s certainly true that when everything else in is order, back linking can help to build on your website’s domain and page authorities. MOZ DA & PA but it’s important to note that only the right types of links will help your website rise in a search engine’s rankings. The wrong type of linking, distributed in unnatural linking patterns will likely just cause damage which can be expensive and time consuming to remedy.

We don’t use link farms or bots – We’ll work on your behalf to source quality linking partners which will not damage you domain’s authority rating and hand craft linking patterns that deliver a real and tangible benefit to you business.

Google caricatureNever forget, Google is not your customer

Take Care Of Your Conversion Rates

Your website exists to promote your business and attract new customers but often the changes that SEO professionals might make in order to make your website appealing to Google, make it far less attractive to real people.

So as the rank and position of a website improves, the conversion rate can fall dramatically.

We never loose sight of the real purpose of your business’s website. When we optimise a website, we take great care not to undermine it’s commercial effectiveness and so we work to achieve the right balance between traffic volumes and conversion rates. Often this means that we need to think outside of the box and devise clever bespoke strategies that will improve search visibility while still striking the right chord with your customers.

We will help you to make informed choices about what’s best for your business, so you understand any potential pitfalls along with the real costs of our optimisation measures.

Realistic and achievable expectations, within your budget

The importance of starting with realistic commercial goals

Last but by no means the least is the need to keep realistic expectations about what can be achieved from your budget.

This sort of links back to our keywords research that we started with at the beginning, because assuming you don’t have a bottomless pit of money available to throw at the problem, your final achieved rank will likely depend to some degree on the budget you have available for marketing your website.

There are lots of way to gain extra traffic to a websites, such as PPC advertising, social media or email campaigns and so if you’re business operates within a particularly competitive sector that requires you to target some fiercely sought after keywords, it could be that traditions SEO is not the best way to market you site at all.

Think about this. Let’s imagine that you knew ahead of time that the gains you could make from spending your entire SEO budget would only equate to a rise of say 30 places, and your website was currently on page 10, you might well conclude that you’re better off spending the money on other marketing activities instead.

We offer a full range of digital marketing services of which website optimisation is just one.

The next step is to get in touch with us. If you’re local to Milton Keynes, we can pop round to visit you at your place of business and discuss what you’s like to achieve and what your available options are. There’s no cost for this, we offer a free initial consultation after which you’ll have a much clearer idea about what work will be needed and how best to proceed.

Local to Milton Keynes? We’re happy to visit you to discuss the available options. You can request an free initial consultation using the form on our contact page.

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