Help For WordPress Newbies

If you’ve just started using WordPress we think that you’ll soon love it as much as we do. To help all you WP newbies get started, from October 2016 we’ll be publishing all new WordPress tutorial posts here on this page.

Keep checking back regularly to see what’s been added to this archive.

Learn WordPress in Milton Keynes

In the near future we plan to offer WordPress training meetings to be held at various locations with in Milton Keynes. Apon arrival attendees will be assigned into groups according to their WP experience and group sessions will be tailored to the level and ability of each group so we’re sure there’ll be something for everyone.

We aim to provide specific solutions to real issues that effect your website and your business. You’ll be invited to submit “how to” questions, that the group will then discuss and learn about together so this is not just going to be just a general broad brush overview.

If you’d like register and interest in our group training, or be notified when we have confirmed the dates enter your details below.