Emergency Plumbers 24 hour Rapid Response in London

Together, Greg & Dariusz make up the D & G of DG Emergency Plumbing a new firm of rapid response emergency plumbers to whom I was recommended to by my client Patryk of the Retro School of Motoring in Leighton Buzzard

Greg & Dariusz are Polish nationals living here in the UK and were initially concerned that the language barrier would prove a problem. Enter Patryk, himself Polish born, agreed to act as an interpreter if required. In the event this was not necessary as both Greg & Darius speak excellent English (certainly much better than my Polish).

The initial inquiry related to SEO services but it didn’t take long to realise that DG’s existing website was not fit for purpose and needed to be completely redeveloped. Alas the client had fallen prey to an unscrupulous and from what I gather unrepentant shyster. We were unable even to gain control of their domain name.


So my solution was simply to start again we needed to create a brand new WordPress powered website with all the correct on-site boxes ticked so that after deployment we’d be able to evaluate the rank and position and do whatever off site work needed to get this ranking well.

And so set the theme for this project, this was all about the SEO. OK, so it looks great too but this was not a requirement of the design brief.  Truly, because of the industry that D&G were targeting little else was of major concern other than search visibility.

To that end I would have to say that the project was an overwhelming success. Upon deployment there were a few on-site tweaks that were needed but in the main the website was received very well by the major search engines. Minor strengthening of the domains trust and authority scores and DG Emergency Plumbing at last had the web presence they needed

In addition to creating the website we now manage it along with their digital marketing such as ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns on social media.

There was also an opportunity for me to show off my ability to design for printed projects as DG decided to have some new business cards and service labels created to boot.

There was also a video that accompanied this project

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