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Hammond & Dummer Opticians

Hammond and Dummer are a long established independent opticians in Milton Keynes and when they needed help redeveloping their WordPress powered website, they turn to us for help but perhaps surprisingly, not because we’re the leading local WordPress specialist.

You see on this occasion is was not our intimate knowledge of the world’s most loved CMS systems that sealed the deal, so much as our keen eye for design and our retail marketing nouse.

H&D needed to freshen up the appearance of their website and wanted to overhaul their brand presentation so as to offer a consistent look across a number of different platforms and media types. The website is only just the beginning with a full 24pp printed brochure in the offing and a welcome video now displaying in their reception and waiting area.

A focus on quality

If you’re a waerer glasses or contact lenses and you’ve never visited Hammond & Dummer in the past then I strongly urge you to do so as they offer a high end service and range of designer frames that quite literally second to none.

Optometrist and Practice owner Claire Ranger, is among the most highly qualified opticians in the UK and has gained specialist qualifications in raft of different fields such as behavioural optometry for sufferers of dyslexia.

The level of care they provide to their patients is simply outstanding and evidence of their commitment to providing the very best patient care can be found by considering the extensive range of highly advanced diagnostic equipment at their Milton Keynes practice. The latest of which, a revolutionary machine called the OPTUS Daytona provides a detailed 220° view of the inside of a patient’s eyes. This along with their other equipment and diagnostic tools mean that H&D are better equipped than most specialist NHS eye hospitals.

Retail SEO

Throughout the construction process we took great care to create a search engine friendly website and our efforts appear not to have gone unnoticed by messrs Google. For the keywords that the site did previously rank for, it ranked reasonably well and so any deficiency in our strategy would have been easy to spot. I happy to report that all went well post deployment. Following our initial analysis we could see that there was plenty of additional traffic that could been gained by widening the range of search queries for which the domain ranked. At the time of writing this, the last four weeks has seen the H&D domain returned in search results for well over 1000 different keywords, a significant improvement for the 190 keywords which was it’s previous benchmark.

Promotional Videos for Websites

The new H&D site features a number of promo videos that we produced. For those who don’t know, video receives a much higher engagement rate when shared on social media compared with plain text only posts and the addition of video on the web pages adds a focal point which is popular with H&D customers.

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