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We’ve been busier than ever this summer and as a result this is my first chance to post some news for quite some weeks. Our subject matter  for today is again search engine optimisation and in particular some X-ray SEO that we’ve conducted on behalf of our client Aegleteq Ltd in Olney Buckinghamshire.

SEO For Suppliers X-Ray Equipment

WordPress SEOAegleteq Ltd are one of the leading suppliers in the UK of Yxlon x-ray systems. Arena DM redesigned their old website earlier this year and while they have received many favorable comments and feedback relating to the presentation of the new site the performance in search engines had not been as strong as we would have liked.

Many of our customers choose Arena DM because of our strong track record of developing websites that are well received by Google and so for a client’s site to be languishing some way off the first page is not unacceptable by our own high standards So it was time to go to work.

Specialist WordPress Optimization

The website, a WordPress powered installation which offers Aegleteq Ltd new business generation and also acts as an extensive online library of technical product data, was running far too slow. Page load speed is of paramount importance when optimizing web pages because when all other factors are equal, pages that load faster get served first in the results pages.

On the Aegleteq site, there were a high number of plugin updates (9) which have become available in the last weeks in response to the recent release of WordPress 4.8.1. This, coupled with the fact that our clients server was hanging for between 1.7 and 2.2 seconds for the first ping, was undermining our chances of gaining a favorable ranking. When we rectified these problems we needed on very light tweak of the page content to achieve a 1st page rank for no less than 7 of our primary keyword targets.

I’ll call that a good result. I wish it was as straightforward to SEO my own site for the term, WordPress developers