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New website launch for Milton Keynes’ Leading Independent Optician

Website Launch for Hammond & Dummer

Following weeks of development and extensive fine tuning this week finally saw the launch of a brand new website for Milton Keynes optician, Hammond & Dummer.

This has been a marathon project during which time I’ve worked closely with and come to know the practice owners, Claire Ranger BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) and her husband Dr Bob Ranger very well indeed.

Through out the process I have strived to understand Hammond and Dummer’s market sector, their customer base and have even been lucky enough to experience for myself the unique blend of elite clinic care and award winning optometry provided to all patients at their Milton Keynes practice

Designer Frames and Prescription Sunglasses

Hammond and Dummer stock a unique range of premium quality luxury eyewear from exclusive designer brands such as Cartier, Lindberg (including the stunning Lindberg Precious range) Moscot, Tom Davies, Maui Jim, Matsuda, Mykita, Face a Face Paris,  Robert La Roche, Ray Ban, Linda Farrow, Rolf, Garrett & Leight, Anne et Valentin, along side many, many other. In fact it is perhaps the most extensive collection of designer frames and prescription sunglasses available anywhere in the UK.

For a lowly web designer such as I, this was a fantastic opportunity to impress one of Buckinghamshire’s most well know independently own high-end brands and a true market leader in their specialist field.

Claire has a keen eye for eyecare

I hadn’t been working long at H&D when claire noticed that I appeared to be having trouble seeing my computer display clearly. She picked up on the fact that my screen was positioned a little further away than was ideal and to Claire this was a telltale sign that I might need reading glasses. I had noticed my sight changing recently, but I hadn’t been aware of how bad the problem it had become, but Claire had seen it and she invited me for an eye test that very day.

I was soon sat in the opticians chair while Claire conducted an extensive evaluation of my eye sight which lasted for just over an hour. (I’ve accompanied my wife in the past while she has had an eye exams at some of the many high street opticians and truly, hers was nothing like the care I received.)

The level at which Claire works is outstanding and her attention to detail and professionalism can not be overstated. It is testament to her years of postgraduate studies, all of which means that Claire is among the most highly qualified opticians in the UK and able to diagnose and treat a range of eye conditions and also prescribe corrective treatments for a whole raft of different abnormalities.

Soon I was fitted for my new glasses which have a special coating on the lenses that help me see clearly while at the same time, protect my eye from further damage associated with look periods of computer usage the likely cause of my problem in the first place. 

This coating is similar to that applied to driving glasses which can reduce headlight glare such as those manufactured by Rodenstock, also available at Hammond and Dummer and I’m told that there are dozens of specialist options available, which Claire and her team can combine to create unique eyewear solutions which are bespoke to their patient’s eyes and expected usage.

This is starting to sound more like a testimonial article rather than a project review so I ought to get back on point but I’m sure you can tell, I’ve been very impressed.

WordPress Website & SEO

So now it is my turn to impress. Having launched the new WordPress development two days ago, I’m now fully into SEO mode. Regular reader of this blog will know I take pride in my SEO track record as it is this perhaps more so than any other aspect of my service which earns me my next project.

It’s still early days and so perhaps it would be premature to proclaim success, I’ll leave that for future post, but I was happy to see a small bounce in the SERP’s immediately after deployment and a Pingdom performance grade of 92 out of 100, not at all shabby for a WordPress powered website even if the page load speed still needs some improvement.

“(The website) Looks wonderful. Thanks for all your help, consideration, patience and understanding.”
Claire & Bob