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The growing popularity of mobile apps is of course due in no small part to the special relationship we have with our phones. No other piece of technology is always so close to hand and so familiar to use.

Apps offer almost unlimited development potential and new ideas are conceived everyday that harness the native connectivity of mobile devices but you don’t need the next viral idea to make good use of mobile technology. Even a small businesses with a limited audience can make healthy returns on investment by using apps to enhance the core services they offers.

Apps Improve Customer Loyalty

Unlike a websites, apps need to be downloaded and installed onto the users device and this small investment of time and effort tends to result in improve level of user loyalty.

You see, like most of us, when your customers are looking for service or product they probably visit a search engine to find what they need. The next time they need the same service which could be days or even weeks later, that person will probably repeat the process but at this point they may be tempted to click on a different link from within the search results. If that happens some one loses a repeat customer.

However if that user had installed an app onto their mobile phone when they initially searched, they are more likely to simply use the app again, rather than start the search process from the beginning and so there’s less chance that this customer will eventually end up buying from another company.

There are also other benefits which tap into to the native features of the device. For example, bars a restaurants can target users by geo-location so as they pass the door the user can receive promotional offers to draw them in. Apps can also be self-publicizing by harnessing the social connectivity of the device their installed on, posting messages or endorsements to the users social media accounts.

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