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Straight of the bat we should declare that we’re more accustomed to producing work for digital projects such as websites, email marketing campaigns or social media, but increasingly we’re being called upon by our customers to create eye-catching designs for printed projects too.

Put simply, when compared to other graphic design companies in Milton Keynes, our rates are exceptionally affordable and so we’ve reluctantly added this service to our portfolio and set our studio fees at a very competitive £38.00 per hour.

Affordable graphic design agency in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

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Why do web designers cost less than graphic designers?

Graphic designers tend to be more specialised and therefore possess superior design skills than their multi-skilled contemporaries who design for digital media.

However, whilest honestly acknowledging our own limitations, it’s still true that many projects that end up on a design professional’s desk do not really challenge his or her full capabilities and so the client ends up paying high end charges, for low or medium grade work.

Typically we help our customers to save about 70% of the cost of design service on about 70% of their projects. We sometime refer to this as the “70/70 rule

Some recent examples of our work

Here we present just a very small selection of some our best graphic design work that have been created for printed projects. We’re able to work using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & In-Design. We don’t hold artworks to ransom and are happy to supply the originals to you if requested to do so. (Artwork output charge applies £25 per/file)

graphic design for printed projects

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