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WordPress Training in Olney

Yesterday I visited my client Aegleteq Ltd in Olney to provide WordPress training services.

Aegleteq Ltd - High performance x-ray

Bespoke WordPress Training

Aegleteq Ltd, a family run company in Olney – supply, install and maintain high performance x-ray equipment for such purposes as NDT (non-destructive testing).

The company is well established and has a good standing with in their market sector but their website needed to be revamped as it didn’t match the quality of either the products they supply or the services that they provide.

My solution was to produce a WordPress powered website that offered Aegleteq the ability to update and manage their website without the need for the additional and ongoing expense of sourcing the services of a 3rd party webmaster each time time something needed to be changed.

WP training: an intrinsic part of my web design service

At Arena DM we include system training as an intrinsic part of every complete web design package  the we sell.

As you might expect my customer John Garlet, is very familiar with many different types of information technology, hardly surprising when you consider he installs multi million pound x-ray systems for a living and so after just an hour and a half John felt he knew what he needed to, to be able to take on the day to day management and maintenance of the new website.

independent WordPress specialist

As an Independent WordPress specialist, I offer no fancy certificates upon completion and I’m always quick to stress that my training is not officially endorsed in any way by WordPress, but that doesn’t mean they are not hugely valuable to my customers many of whom who just want to know the basics and be confident WordPress users. Certainly the feedback from yesterday’s session was positive and I was even treated to lunch after we’d finished so Thank you to Vic & John.

If you need some help with WordPress and are looking for an affordable way to learn new skills, give me a call today and ask me about a training session conducted at your place of business from as little as £35 per hour.

Talk to Jon Odley about WP Training, call 07460 255205

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