WordPress help: Problems with Visual Composer
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WordPress Help: Visual Composer not responding

What to do when Visual Composer becomes unresponsive

I was contacted by a customer this morning that was having trouble with Visual Composer on this WordPress website.

The plugin had suddenly become unresponsive and was lagging badly while loading the VC dialogue box and so consequently he was unable to make changes to his page content.

Visual Composer users AJAX

VC uses AJAX which is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. AJAX allows changes to be made to page content with out require a full reload of the page itself. I’ve seen VC and other AJAX heavy plugin behave like this before.

Almost always this indicates a JS conflict probably with one or more other plugins. Java scripts are sensitive to the order in which the scripts are called by WordPress and so quite often the problem can be traced not to VC itself but to some other script which may have changed, such as plugin update.

“Ahhh, I’ve just updated some plugins” my client explained.

AJAX Problems in WordPress

independent WordPress specialist

After I logged into the site I could see the problem. He’d actually updated a redundant plugin which shouldn’t have been running anyway so I simply deactivated it and everything began working again just as it should. I wish all technical support queries were as easy to remedy as this problem.

If this happens to you stay calm and just retrace your steps undoing the changes that have just been made. In most cases this will resolve the problem but If you’re still having trouble after trying this and would like a professional to take a look just get in touch with us here at Arena DM and we’ll be happy to help.

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