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We’ve stepped up the production rate of our WordPress Websites

WordPress Designers in High Demand

It’s been an exceptionally busy summer here at Arena DM. In the last 4 to 5 weeks the studio has been a veritable hub of manufacture as we’ve sent no less than 7 websites live.

Although on the face of it 7 might sound like a quite a small number, it is in fact a massive step up in the rate of production for a website company that prides itself on producing, one-off works that are tailored to our customers exact needs.


Historically, we have resisted a growing trend in the web services sector, which is essentially to simply churn out clones of one or two successful blueprints. One glance through the portfolios of a number of the website companies in Milton Keynes, reveals a common and instantly recognisable flavour running between different companies’ websites.

Often the same (or very similar) templates, plugins, features, icon and sometimes even the same text content appears in multiple projects for different companies – How any of them can claim to have a unique web presence is therefore beyond me.

I’m not saying that we re-invent the wheel for each new project, but we certainly do try to convey the individual essence and unique tone of each business in the work that we produce for them. In fact, in the past our production methodology have attracted the use of the somewhat unflattering description “cottage industry” from more than one of our customers so when all things are considered, 7 website sent live in under 5 weeks is a fantastic effort on behalf of the whole Arena DM team.

Our latest digital offering for Racehorse InvestorA brand new web-based Pinhooking Investment Consortium, is another of our creations that we’ve built on WordPress.

As part of our marketing blurb we use the expression; “We can do virtually anything on WordPress“, and we stand by that claim. but it’s only fair to acknowledge that the Racehorse Investor website tested the validity of that claim to the fullest.

RI is a highly complex blend of WP, Woo and custom coded features that together are used to offer visitors; Access to private and premium members only content and real-time management of investments and assets.

We’re rather pleased with it and judging by the kind words that feature on today’s news post, RI are pleased with our efforts as well.