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Thoughts of an SEO Professional

Any SEO Consultant worth their salt is constantly aware of the rank and position of pages from their websites. It’s easy to understand why seeing as its our business to get web pages to rank highly. Obviously if we can’t achieve that for our own business, what confidence can you have as a potential customer that we’ll be able to do it for your business?

Jon Odley SEO Consultant for Arena DMIt’s a reasonable expectation but in fact the truth is that even a optimisation company that ranks quite low in a search engine’s results pages, could probably do wonders for your business because when we optimise other companies websites, in industries different to our own, we’re not always competing against the very top SEO experts in the market.

One of the way that SEO professionals gain those all important top ranks (and this is certainly a tactic that we have employed in the past), is to create web content, sometimes entire websites with the sole purpose of passing link juice onto our desired target and in almost every instance back linking plays a vital role.


Back-linking isn’t what it used to be.

Constant improvements and updates to search engine algorithms particular over the last 3 years has been a game changer because now the wrong type of linking from the wrong type of pages can actually harm a website’s rank. The term to look out for is called “unnatural linking patterns.

Very briefly, natural linking patterns are actually not all that hard to simulate but if one is clumsy the penalties can be severe. So if links appear all in one place or within a short time period it can be pretty obvious that some attempt to SEO a site has occurred.

Additionally back links need to come from pages which carry relevant content, and ideally from a mix of both high, medium and low authority domains.

The Best in Milton Keynes

For quite some time now we at Arena DM have been getting it consistently right. One glance at Google’s results pages can confirm this because for over a year we’ve been sitting pretty right at the very top for the search “WordPress SEO Milton Keynes“. Additionally a mid 1st page rank for “SEO Milton Keynes” does much to keep us busy.

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Verify this for yourself

You needn’t take my word for it, if you’d like to see how we’re performing right now you can click the links below. A new window will open and display the current Google results for the term I’ve just mentioned.

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