A Message to all Arena DM Customers from Jon Odley
Jon Odley - SEO Consultant in Milton Keynes

Most of you will already be aware that backlinks (that’s links that appear on other domains which link to your website) are the holy grail of SEO. The right type of backlinks help our websites to rank higher in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS) because they are viewed as adding credibility and authority to a domain and so, are an essential part of any successful SEO strategy but how do we secure suitable backlinks and what is meant by the right type?

Guest Blogging Is The Answer

Guest blogging is a great way to build high quality backlinks and so increase organic traffic flow from search engines to our own domain. That’s because when we blog about our businesses, we inevitably use words a phrases that other people are searching for.

However, as owners of small and medium sized businesses with dozens of other tasks on our “to do” list few of us (myself included) find time to devote ourselves properly to this undertaking. I’m probably more aware of this than many of you, but even so in 5 years of running a business here in Milton Keynes, I’ve only added about 150 posts to my blog on ArenaDM.com that’s little more than 1 every two weeks. This is a free opportunity gone begging.

Now there’s a new way to ensure your site stays healthy and keep feeding the search engines what they love – new and unique content.

My Post Exchange Programme is offered exclusively to Arena DM customers. It provides everybody involved with an opportunity to build a network of unique posts linking back to their websites, as well as interesting new content for their own domains.

Posts will be individually authored by us here, at Arena DM, using Search Engine friendly copy, or you can provide text for us to base articles on. Articles will then be posted individually to compatible and relevant sites in accordance with Google’s published webmasters guideline in order to offer the maximum SEO benefit to both parties involved.

You Stay In Control

You will always be in control of the posts that appear on your domain but I doubt that you’ll ever need to raise concerns, because due to the way search engines rank the websites they index, this only works best if both the posts and the hosting domain, share relevancy with one another.

That’s not to say that you’ll have to host blog posts from competitors, quite the opposite in fact. Articles and the publishing domains will be carefully hand picked to ensure there is no conflict of interest for either party.

Choose Your Own Level Of Commitment

You will stay in complete control of the costs by limiting number of posts that are made on your company’s behalf. Articles posted to other domains on your behalf will be charged at just £25 each.

Monetize your blog – Earn ADM credit to reduce your websites running costs

As this is a co-operative style programme devised for the mutual benefit of all Arena DM customers, when an article is published on your domain, you’ll earn a £5 credit which you will be able to use to offset the cost on your yearly hosting fees, or any occasional web updates that we undertake for you. In doing so, you’ll reduce the ongoing costs of maintaining your website.

Sign up here to join our link exchange programme

All you need to do to become involved with our blogging exchange programme is to enter your company and website information below. There are no set-up fees and the programme is open to all Arena DM customers.

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