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Reaching out to new SEO partners

How to find good linking partners to SEO your website

Today I’ve spent a fair bit of my time reaching out by email to independent motoring schools through out the country, to find new SEO partners for my customer, Retro Driving School in Bedfordshire. The idea is very simple, we exchange mutually beneficial back-links by adding a link on RDS’s site pointing to the partners’ websites and they do the same at their end.

There are a few technicalities that need to be considered, I won’t go into too much detail about the exact criteria I use when identifying partners or exactly what code I use for the link, (I do have a family to feed after all) I will however outline the basic strategy for those readers who’d like to SEO their own websites.

You do need to make sure that the links that are placed on both sites, conform with Google’s Webmaster’s Guidelines. I highly recommend that you take a look at this resource if you’ve not already done so.

Tips to locate the best SEO partners

MOZ Domain Authority

Screen shot of MOZBAREach domain is ranked with a Moz DA, (Domain Authority) which scales from 0 – 100. It’s important to select high scoring partner websites because only these will add to your own domain’s DA . Exactly what constitutes “High” DA, varies from case to case but essentially you should be looking to partner with the highest scoring domains that you can. You can discover a websites DA score in several different ways. There are lots of website that will offer this service free of charge but I use the browser extension MozBar for Google Chrome that I picked up from the Google’s Chrome Store.

MOZ Page Authority

Here’s where it get a little more complicated because just as a domain is given an authority score, so to are individual pages on that domain – we call this the Page Authority or PA. As with the domain’s DA, you should try and secure backlinks from the best relevant pages, it’s not ideal if your backlink is coming form a page that scores well below others on the domain, or a page that isn’t itself linked to from else where on that website because this tells search engines that the content on that page is not of great importance.

Reaching Out

Now that you’ve identified some good potential partner sites, it’s time to introduce yourself. I simply ping of a message normally via the online contact form on the domain briefly outlining my idea. High DA websites don’t happen by accident and it’s likely that the webmaster responsible for maintain my target site will be familiar with the practice so generally you’ll either get a quick yes or no. I suggest you only write to them once, if they are interested in taking up your offer then they will come back to you there’s no point flooding somebody’s email with spam messages, if they’re not convinced that your site will help theirs, no amount of badgering will change their minds.

Use valid HTML code for linking

Now this is where I’ll hold back on you, (remember those hungry children?). Not all links are the same nor will they offer your website equal value. Only the correct codes use to create the link will work well for you and an unscrupulous partner who knows what there doing may simple add a link with a NO-FOLLOW tag inserted. A NO-FOLLOW link will not pass link juice to your website but it can still improve their own authority scores.

If you like help to identify and secure partner websites, I offer a bespoke service as part of my Total Optimisation SEO plan. My rates are very affordable and I source highly effective linking that delivers outstanding improvements in search visibility. Get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me directly on 07460255205

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