Fluff & Tumble Dry Cleaners

Located at: http://fluffandtumble.co.uk

Fluff & Tumble Dry Cleaners commissioned us to redevelop their website and deliver a product that would allow them to compete with more establish businesses in the dry cleaning market sector.  Our solution was to deliver a website built on the WordPress framework that would allow them to easily update their content and keep their special offers fresh.

Our clients have as clear idea what makes them unique and it was our job to transfer this on to their web space while preserving their strong branding and marketing ethos.

As a project developed on a tight budget this site needed to hold it’s own in the search rankings with out being propped up with PPC advertising and so content based SEO was very important.

Our clients were delighted with the results of the site and overjoyed when fluffandtumble.co.uk rose from nowhere to secure a page 1 rank in Google for the pre define target keywords.  A status that it still enjoys to this day.

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