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Orders for new websites coming in thick and fast.

There is an expression that goes, “A lie, travels half way round the world before the truth has even got it’s boots on“. If you’re a freelance website designer, this same principal applies only with respect to one reputations.  Fortunately while alas a good reputation is no sprinter, it will endure over longer distances.

Such was the case this week when I’ve had one of my existing customer’s return with another order, one that’s asked for some help with digital marketing, another that’s placed a order for his wife’s business and another still, that recommended me to an associate of his and all of this comes on top of my own marketing efforts which have produced orders for 3 more complete websites so it feel like a boon time for Arena DM at present.

It’s going to require a big effort to keep up with production because I’ve also got an eCatalogue of prom dresses to finish along with training sessions scheduled to teach the good folks at Retro Driving School, and AD Instructor Training (both in Leighton Buzzard) how to get the most from their new WordPress websites both of which went live during the last 14 days. There’s also the small matter of a Promotional video for Retro,

So SEO optimisation, website authoring, WordPress training and video production all on my to do list.  It seems I’m going to be a busy fella during March.