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No peace for busy web designer

Running a successful web design agency in Milton Keynes can wear me out at times.

There plenty of reasons why I love my job designing and creating websites but I must admit it would be nice to find a happy medium between rushing full throttle to deploy the next website, simply to stay on top of the workload and twiddling my thumbs as I do at least twice a year, when demand for my design and SEO skills wains .  When you’re self employed and so you’re the boss, as it get’s busy there’s no point looking towards others, you just to roll up the proverbial sleeves and knuckle down to some serious website production.

Consider this morning for example, early this morning that is at about 2:30 am. I was working late last night and was just finishing up for the day when I logged into Facebook to grab a customer’s page url. There was a message from one of my customers, Bailey Weber Kitchens in Newport Pagnell.

Now I hold a great deal of affection for Bailey Weber Kitchens as they became one of my first customers when I originally moved to Milton Keynes back in 2012. I’ve actually built 2 websites for them on their domain. They’re a local family run kitchen company with old fashioned values and if I’m honest Janice is a wee bit technophobic when it come to website and so I would really like to help them succeed

Bailey Weber have decided to take the plunge into digital marketing and have asked me to help them get everything ready for a big DM push. As they put it;

“We wouldn’t trust anyone else Jonathan” (Janice always uses my full name.)

So I shall be visiting the wonderful little town of Newport Pagnell again this week – Business never sleeps I guess.

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