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New Season Styles by Jora Collections

New Prom Dress Styles from Jora Collections

Prom dress wholesalersIn truth I’m getting this one in a little early. Jora Collections new style don’t go live on their website until tomorrow but I have advanced knowedle (because I’m doing the update for them) that dozens of brand new designs will be available from Jora distributors as from next week.

Jora Collections

Jora Collections are the UKs premiere designers and manufacturers of high quality prom ware and formal evening wear and a long standing client of Arena DM. As part of our servive we undertake the website updates and general WordPress maintenance on their behalf.

Their can be all sorts of reasons why a customer would ask us to maintain their site for them ranging from techno phobia to time and work pressures.  Naturally all of our web solutions are designed to be easily self managed by our customers themselves, but for some the extra workload of keeping their site well maintained, which although a necessary measure to ensure SEO health and a good return on their investment, is just not something they want to take on in addition to their normal work. In such circumstances it’s pretty straight forward to see why the best people to keep a site healthy, are those people who created it in the first place.

Given that our ongoing customer support at a affordable rate is just one of the ways we stand ahead of the crowd this perhaps explains the record period of growth that Arena DM is experiencing. Just lately we’ve been inundated with request for our services. In fact this is proving to be something of an embarrassment of riches, so much so that I’m even able to cherry pick the projects that I want to get involved with right now.

All of which explains why I’m getting my posts in early and that I’m having to do so on a Sunday morning.

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