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New Deployment & SEO for Driving Instructor Website

Some SEO jobs are a doddle, others can be quite difficult. There can be a number of reasons why a domain rankings stubbornly refuse to play ball and in such circumstances sometimes one needs to get creative.

A domain’s rankings in the SERPs (search engine’s results pages) depends on about 150 different and wide ranging factors such as page content, the social profile, correct use (or otherwise ) of code, the back-link profile, the list goes on and on. Finding the cause of a low rank can sometimes be frustrating it can also be expensive as I’ve lost count of the number of companies that have come to me having previously wasted money with other so called SEO experts.

SEO for Driving Instructor’s Website

Today I deployed a replacement website for the domain http://retrodrivingschool.co.uk . Retro School of Motoring in Leighton Buzzard are a firm of independent driving instructors, they teach students from all around the Milton Keynes area and boast some of the highest first time pass rates around. In fact I’ve been so impressed with Retro since beginning working with them in November of 2016 that I purchased a 20 hour driving lessons gift certificate for my son Andrew’s Christmas present.

The deployment of the new site was ultimately an SEO measure. Partyk, the owner of Retro Motoring School had used a different web designer for the first incarnation of his website and initially approached me only for WordPress training. During our first session however we got talking about SEO and he explained to me that he was already paying for off site back linking in an effort to improve the ranking of his domain.

This immediately started to ring alarm bells in my head. Even without a thorough examination of the domain, I could see any number of issues which would likely be negatively effecting the ranking.

This violates my Golden SEO rule: There is no point paying for off-site SEO until all on-site issues have been resolved and follow Google’s webmasters guidelines.

This violates my Golden SEO rule; There is no point paying for off-site SEO until all on-site issues have been resolved and follow Google’s webmasters guidelines.

This is good advice for all website owners who like Patryk, want to see their websites near the top of the rankings. Paying for off-site linking while ignoring on-site errors is a waste of money because you simply will not realise the full benefit of your investment until the on-site issues are resolved.

Even if we set aside the fact that back-linking is no longer the fix-all remedy for poorly performing website that once it was and is now fraught with inherent dangers,  paying for off site work make no sense because in fact you may not need to do it at all. Huge gains are possible simply by getting your house in order because there are still many market sectors with in which the competition for rankings remains low and so a place on the Google’s coveted page 1 is very much in reach.

Getting back on point, the on-site issues with RetroDrivingSchool.co.uk were as extensive as they were mind boggling. To say that there were loose ends left unattended to, is about as diplomatic as I can be. In fact the build quality of this particular website was deplorable at best and the authors, Web Creations UK should in my humble opinion, be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It was actually quicker for me to totally rebuild the RDS website properly than it would have been to try and track down and correct everything that was holding it back.

Following deployment, I requested a re-crawl by Google and low and behold I have achieved a 15 – 20 places rise in the rank for almost every keyword we’ve targeted.

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