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Monday: Blocked drains and a new customer for SEO services

It never ceases to amuse me, the variety of different ways that as a web designer and SEO consultant I’m able to attract new customers. It seems that there’s a business opportunity in almost any situation and to illustrate this allow me to tell you about my Monday morning from hell. 

In need of an emergency plumber

I awoke on Monday to a blocked toilet. I was the last to rise and by the time I did other members of the family had already used the bathroom and the water had backed up into the pan. While the drain was not completely blocked, the water level took quite a few mins to go down after each flush.

Sara, my wife and business partner left for work and I was left searching for an expert, to come and sort it out for me. At about 10:00am Sara emailed me a link to a product that she had found on eBay – drain rods!

“Not bloody likely” I whispered to my self when the page loaded. Scrabbling around under man hole covers plunging rods into 3 feet of “black water” was not for me, I needed an emergency plumber. Fortunately there are a multitude to choose from in Milton Keynes but I was looking for a plumber that didn’t want to get paid at least not in the traditional sense, the search was on.

You see, as is normally the case when I need services such as property maintenance, a car mechanic or even driving lessons for my adult son, I prefer to keep my cash in my pocket. Instead I wanted to pay with my services. SEO can cost a pretty penny but good SEO, that is SEO that delivers results can have tremendous value to the business that receives it.

Too busy for SEO

I began by Googling the search term “Blocked Drains Milton Keynes“. I clicked past the first three results pages and began calling plumbers from page 4 onward as they clearly has a need for me just as I needed them. It wasn’t long before I spoke to a lively character by the name of Glen. Glen explained that his main website, http://www.miltonkeynesplumbingservice.co.uk/ was in fact already top of Google (pos 2) and sure enough when I checked, there it was. But what about the other website that I had seen? Why was this other site languishing in the rankings like an unloved child?

“Time, resources” said Glen.

This was the one for me I decided and I pitched my idea there and then.

“I’ll help you if you can help me” Glen responded and in less than 2 hours, he had attended my home and had the water flowing freely again. How’s that for a great service? It turned out that the problem had been caused by our hedge. The hedge roots had been growing into the drains and this had eventually caused the obstruction.

blocked drain Milton Keynes

Need a Plumber or Gas Engineer?

I’ve got to say also that Glen’s a really nice guy, a straight talker and someone in whom I immediately felt I could trust. So if you’re in need of an affordable plumber or gas engineer (Glen is also a Gas Safe approved technician) I highly recommend that you give Drain Solutions in Milton Keynes a call first.

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