Humorous Facebook marketing
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How to market your business effectively on social media

Increasingly my customers are asking for help to market their small businesses on social media. I thought it might be helpful to list a few principles that I try to work to when marketing either my own or a customer’s business and examine what sorts of content help social post to be effective and achieve high engagement rates.

Social Media as a part of Digital Marketing

Let start with a quick over view of the basics. Social media marketing falls under the larger umbrella term that is digital marketing.  Digital marketing includes such activities as SEO, bulk email campaigns, data collection, newsletters subscription and PPC campaigns to name but a few. It’s important to keep this in mind because when we post to social networks more often than not the purpose of doing so is simply to direct people and drive traffic towards the central hub of your digital marketing. I am of course referring to your business website.

Tips to help you reach a larger audience on social networks

So without further ado here my top tips to help you increase your reach on social media.

Try to reference trending topics.

Twitter along with some of the other platforms now provide trending data that let’s you know what people on the network are actively talking about at given time. So if your posts is relevant to popular trending topics, there is a greater chance that people will be interested in what you have to say.

Use hashtags

hashtagsHash tags are now a common feature on many social networks. If you click a hash tag, you’ll see that in fact they link to pages that display all posts that carry the same tag. So imaging for example that you’re an emergency plumber. If I clicked on a relevant tag such as #blockeddrain, I could view all posts that are tagged similarly including one that you might have posted some weeks or even months earlier. This applies even if you and I are not yet directly connected on the network. You can find more information about hashtags here.

Include humour

Have you noticed how rarely adverts go viral on social media? People almost never share adverts unless they’re doing so because they’ve been asked to by a freind who’s placed the advert but people often share posts that they find funny. So the trick is to include something funny within you advertisement post. Funny things happen everybody all the time so you just need to think of a way to share what’s happened to you and your marketing messages to it.

To illustrate what I mean, consider the image below that I posted to the Arena DM Facebook page this week.

Humorous Facebook marketing

Within 4 hours, this post had received over 600 views and about a dozen shares including 3rd and 4th generation shares.

Mix it up – avoid posting only adverts

If you only ever post blatant adverts your audience will very quickly loose interest in your content and just skip over your postings when they appear in their news feeds. This is bad new not just because you’ve wasted a little time but because of the way some of the social networks function. Facebook for example, will initially roll out you post to a random selection of users who have “liked” your business page. If the post receives attention from users and they engage with it it’ll get rolled out further but if nobody or just a few people show any interest, it will go further and you won’t even be displayed to those users in your own network.

Always include a link to your website

Remember, in most instances social posts are simply an attempt to drive traffic to a website, so don’t forget to include that all important link. There are other reasons too for doing this, social networks provide a search engine friendly source of backlinks and help to build on your social profile and domain authority score. These are important factors that will help to get your website ranked highly in search engine’s results.

So there you have it, my top tips to help small businesses attract more attention on social media. If you’re looking for more great ways to market you business online then why not get in touch with us here at Arena DM because we provide imaginative and highly effective digital marketing services, that deliver outstanding ROI.

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