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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Yes, it has been mentioned in the pages of this blog once or twice before but I’ll repeat my self once again:

If you love your website, Google will love it too.

This is my stock answer for when someone asks me how I got this domain to the very top of Google’s ranking for all manner of “design” and “website” related phrases and it really really is, as simple as that.

Treat your website with care, be attentive to the details, keep updating it regularly and the SEO will for the most part take care of itself.

SEO harikari

Screen shot of Google results for: Affordable designers in Milton Keynes
This week I’ve freshened up my website a little. Actually that’s understatement as I’ve made extensive changes through out the site and made major alterations the content structure. I’ve moved things about, taken some pages and articles offline added others it’s been a bit like pulling at a loose thread. I knew I could have ended up regretting it, but sometimes if something’s bugging you, you just have to say “to hell with the consequences” and put it right.

When it come’s to SEO this is a risky strategy that verges on the damn reckless. Such changes are not always well revived by SE‘s and so it was with some trepidation that I set off the ranking report software to measured the potential damage caused by my changes.

Happily all has gone well and with 1 or 2 exceptions for keywords that I was not all that bothered about, my domain’s rank has held up well. I’ve also made substantial gains for few keywords for which I was previously under-performing.

A good example of this came to light after changing my page about my graphic design services. Previously I wasn’t even in the game really, as my traffic was almost exclusively coming off of digital and web design references. However this page has now come from nowhere to lay down a market for others at position number 3, for the keyword: Affordable designers in Milton Keynes

Gotta love Google, lolz