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Emergency Plumbers London

Rapid Response Plumbers in London

When you need an Emergency 24/7 Plumber it could be that like I did you grab your mobile phone and Google for plumbers. You see I have had first hand experience in the last 6 months of this exact scenario as my post from January goes to show.

When I was in this position I reached for the closest device to locate help and for most people almost invariably this will be their mobile phone. So it’s easy to see why if you’re a service provider such as this, your website needs to be 100% mobile friendly.


DG Emergency Plumbing

All too often in my work I come across websites that have been designed to look great on desktop view but the mobile compatibility let’s down the package as a whole. This is madness because although now-a-days domains loose rank and position in search results for not being fully responsive, nobody ever get penalised for not looking too cleaver in desktop view. So it make little sense to style you website for desktop at the expense of mobile traffic.

This is what I explained to the gentleman of DG Emergency Plumbing in London when they came to visit me a couple of weeks ago.

Greg & Dariusz who are the D and the G of DG Emergency Plumbing, were introduced to me by Patryk at Retro Driving school in Leighton Buzzard himself a long standing customer who’s often banging the drum for Arena DM (BTW Thanks Pat).

Greg explained that he wanted to target the emergency plumbing market in London for a new company that he’d just set up with his partner Dariusz and that search engine visibility was going to be a crucial part of their road map to success.

Mobile First Web Design

I advised then that we needed to take a mobile-first approach to designing their website with full dedicated content for handheld devices.

It’s certainly done the trick because despite that the market sector they’re targeting is fiercely competitive I’ve entered the rankings t page 4 and 5 of Google’s results for a whole heap of keywords that we’re targeting. Not at all bad for a brand new domain with no trust or reputation to fall back on.

The second stage of our grand plan is an intensive off site linking campaign to improve the search visibility further which will be ongoing now until we achieve the coveted page 1 result.