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Built-in SEO From The Ground Up

Many of the companies we speak to have spent money in the past on fruitless SEO attempts. Sometimes, the sums of money involved are quite large and this leads to disappointment and frustration because in many cases, not being able to achieve a top rank is affecting the growth of the company as a whole.

As with many things in life, when it comes to SEO it’s better to get it right from the start rather than having to apply a remedial fix later so before we begin construction of your new website, we’ll undertake comprehensive keyword research to identify the richest potential sources of organic web traffic. Armed with this data we can begin to construct your website and correctly tag the elements as we go with powerful SEO that targets this traffic.

Even so, if yours is a very competitive market or if you’re launching a brand new domain, (domain age can be an important factor) you may still require some off-site strengthening, social-media or back-linking work after deployment, but in most cases we anticipate this need ahead of time and make allocations from your budget during the planning stages.

Professional Copy Writing Services?

Need some help to find the right words? That’s no problem either. We’re all good a different things and for some people, striking the right chord in sales literature can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, we work closely with an local expert copywriter here in Milton Keynes, who has extensive experience writing copy for the web and other advertising media and who’s work has historically delivered exceptionally high yields. We conduct the keyword research and pass on the results to our copywriter who then, after initial drafting, teams with our SEO department to produce a final text that will be appealing to both people and search engines.

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Can You Help Me if I already have a website and I just need SEO?

Yes – we don’t sell back-links, but if you’re looking for assistance helping you to plan an effective SEO campaign and make sense of the choices available then get in touch with us. We’ve worked with companies on a consultancy basis, advising them on strategy and helping them by sourcing reliable suppliers of high quality SEO services.

We’ll make any changes needed to your website ourselves and we do so with a lightness of touch which is rare in the SEO sector. This is important because we know that changes can make a website more appealing to a search engine, but can often make it less appealing to real people. So if changes to your site are not executed carefully with a respect for the tone of your sales messages, your whole site’s conversion rate can tumble and so profitability falls.

Learn about of our SEO Consultancy Services here.

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Did You Noticed What Just Happened?

This is a great time to pause to fully appreciate this issue of visitor flow management that we touched upon on the last page because anyone looking for off-site SEO, is likely to have arrived here by clicking a link from a search engine. We know this is the case because this page is part of a series of pages that makes up our tour and so it’s not linked to from any other page except the one you’ve just come from.

As we said earlier when we create a website, a lot of thought goes into how we direct traffic towards the Goal Pages, (Spoiler Alert! – you’re being directed towards our rates & contact pages right now..) By clicking the link above, our new visitor has just entered a different traffic funnel (one that’s more relevant to their SEO needs), while we continue down this one.

Ironically, we’ve disturbed everything with this little digression, but had we not have done, our management of the traffic through this page would have been seamless. Spooked, insulted? Well that’s understandable, but before you click away in protest please ask yourself; could your company benefit from this type of intelligent web design?


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