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A Confession: Arena DM Is Now On Vimeo

As part of an on going effort to connect the SEO dots for this website I’ve just created an account on Vimeo.

Vimeo has been around a for quite a while and It’s almost embarrassing to think I’ve not found time before now to create an account. It’s embarrassing because tonight, I’ve been neglecting a good SEO resource, it’s even free! For an SEO Consultant this is little shot of unforgivable and so to punish myself I’ve gone public with my confession.

By creating an account on Vimeo and posting my video, (incidentally the same principle also applies for Youtube and pretty much any other tube site you could mention) I’ve created a page on a Domain that boasts a pagerank of PR9. This page contains my description, which contains a few references to web design and SEO services, and crucially a link that point’s back to my own domain.

So I now have a High PR page that displays relevant content that links back to my site. And for the sake of 5 mins spent to create it.

Naturally, You will need a video to post to your newly created Vimeo channel. At Arena DM we offer social media content creation services and can produce short animated promo movies for your business for as low as £89. Get in touch using the form below if you’d like to know more.

Arena DM – Website Designers in Milton Keynes, Bucks UK from Arena DM on Vimeo.

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