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This could be my most challenging SEO job ever.

New Website Launch

Oriental UK Dating

This week saw the launch of my lastest WordPress website a brand new service aimed at UK gentlemen wishing to meet Asian girls online.

OUKD is quite a sophisticated website and hardly a bog standard WP installation as it features custom post types, custom meta fields, custom sign-up options and security measures such as image watermarking and GEO IP country blocking.

Now it’s probably worth mentioning that in my marketing blurb I have often made the claim that I can create almost anything on WordPress, but this one pushed even my ability and 6 years of experience of WordPress development to the very limit. There were literally times when I nearly threw the laptop across the studio in a tantrum but now that’s it’s done it’s time to embark on what may prove to be the hardest part of this project, the SEO

WordPress SEO Expert

Regular readers of this blog and of course my customers know well that SEO is one of my strongest disciplines. So why the frank admission? Well OUKD is operating in a market sector that is particularly competitive (actually it’s blooming ruthless) , and so traffic will need to be hard won every step of the way. There will be no freebies in this instance.

I’ll post updates in the coming weeks so keep checking back to see how I’m getting on.