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Business review websites can make for excellent SEO

I’ve finally gotten round to creating my profile on Trust Pilot, the business review website.

Trust pilot offers business the opportunity to create a free profile and create one of those all important backlinks. Business directory sites are a safe way to build your websites backlink profile but be sure to exerciser a little discretion and don’t just sign up to every one that you find.

You may have heard that back links will only have meaningful value, if they’re placed on relevant, high authority domains. Domain & Page authority are metrics awarded to a website based on the quality of it’s content and the quality of sites that link to it. Generally, the higher the domains and pages that link to you, the high your domain authority will be assessed at and of course this in turn can translate to gains in a search engine’s results pages (SERP’s)

So don’t just sign up with every tiny or recently founded business directory you come across. If it’s MOZ DA or PA are low, you’ll just end up diluting the effectiveness and SEO benefit that you probably will revive from the higher value more established market leaders such as YELL, Thompson’s and the like.

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