commercial product photography shoot in bedforshire
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Arena DM Assist With Product Photography Shoot

As a professional web designer, it’s not uncommon for my work to feature or incorporate high quality product photography or packshots, but I rarely get to witness the creation of such images. This changed last week when I was invited by Uniquecapture in Milton Keynes to assist on a commercial product photography shoot for Lyco.

Now, I’m no photographer that’s for certain, but I do have an eye for that which is ascetically pleasing, and we creative folk can turn our hands to many things.

That’s not to say that I was allowed behind the camera, Chris from Uniquecapture is one of the top commercial photographers in Buckinghamshire so he no more needs my input to capture stunning product images than I need his help to code great websites. My role was to assist – fetching, carrying, holding.

We were shooting in a beautiful barn conversion property on the border between Bucks and Bedfordshire. The property designed and owned by Architect Nicolas Tye was the perfect setting for some product lifestyle images. The property received multiple nominations for design awards and had apparently even been featured on TV’s Grand Designs.

I could easily see why, Lyco could hardly have chosen a better setting to showcase their beautiful range of lights and fittings.

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